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Welcome to Maceno Island

Maceno Island is a tropical paradise built as part of the Manmade Landmass project. This new landmass funds itself on tourism and the AG racing scene the AGL has brought to the island.

New Campaign Content

Maceno Island will feature a new campaign and a new set of liveries to unlock.

Maceno Bay

The tropical season starts here with Maceno’s introduction track, snaking through the islands biggest tourist destination and dropping pilots down into the sea bed below.

Therma Fumos

Dive deep into Therma Fumos, Macenos white smoker mineral mining operation. This season’s second course lays on a familiar bed to those acquainted with previous AGL events.

Maceno Interchange

Catch some rays on the streets of Macenos sun-drenched business sector, purple lit track carving through the spiral towers of tomorrow.

WARNING: Too much sunlight may result in excessive questioning about the FMV track.

Freyr Falls

Race through the jungle of Maceno and glide off the islands largest waterfall with this white knuckle circuit.

Alto Overseer

No information from the AGL available at this time.


No information from the AGL available at this time.

DRM Free

We here at Neognosis don’t believe in DRM or the idea that it’s a reasonable response to piracy.

No Steam DRM wrapper, no online checks, no anything. Maceno Island will not have any DRM required to play.