Bling up your ships with gold, iridescent, platinum and psychedelic liveries for all of the game’s standard ships.
Gold Liveries
Golden hull with white and red accents to give your ship a royal finish.
Iridescent Liveries
Stealth base with two-tonned plates (team independant) to bring some flare to the race.
Platinum Liveries
Stealth base with platinum plates for a clean, premium finish.
Psychedelic Liveries
Crazy rainbow finish for a chaotic iridescent look to dazzle the spectators.
DRM Freeish
We here at Neognosis don’t believe in DRM or the idea that it’s a reasonable response to piracy.

Although everything else for BallisticNG doesn’t use any DRM, the bling pack liveries must be shipped with the game to work with multiplayer.

Once you have ran the game once with Steam running the game will remember the account and all subsequent launches will have the liveries unlocked, even when completely offline and without Steam running.