BallisticNG Neon Nights

Vega City has just signed away several of its key locations to the AGL, a move heavily funded by Omnicom that’s been met with the praise of AG fans and outrage of the local residents.

Neon Nights introduces 5 new tracks, all playable in forward and reverse, a new campaign covering 48 events and a new set of liveries.

Free on Steam



Blast through Vega City’s central park, the ultimate hub for night life and AG fans alike.


Blueprints of an old AGL circuit were discovered and fully realized in this intermediate track weaving through dense buildings and passing Vega City’s 5km highway.


Storm through Vega City’s developing industry sector on this intermediate course covered by the pollution of nearby factories.


Flow through Vega City’s central storm drain on this white knuckle circuit that promises to strain your sense of orientation.


Transit through the redundant lines of Vega City’s metro system with this hybrid circuit still under heavy construction.