The Ultimate AG Racing Sandbox

Glide through futuristic courses at breakneck speeds and eliminate those who stand in your way. BallisticNG is an action packed anti-gravity racer and the ultimate AG modding sandbox, developed as a love letter to the original Wipeout trilogy.

With a laser focused and authentic recreation of the PS1 Wipeout game physics, merging the best of each entries handling into one streamlined experience, BallisticNG returns AG racing to its glory days of technical piloting mechanics that are immensely satisfying to master.

Available for Windows, Linux and MacOS.


Welcome to the AGL

It’s the year 2159. Traditonal motorsport has been pushed to the wayside as AG vehicles takes the center stage. With millitary grade weapons and a lot of capital behind the jet-fighter like ships, AG racing is the most dangerous and exciting sport the world has seen yet.

Only the most daring of pilots make it to the finish line in one piece. Do you have what it takes?

Retro With A Modern Twist

BallisticNG is stylized like a Playstation 1 game but how you remember it, instead of how it was. For a shot of nostalgia we also included options to simulate the limitations of the console, giving you all of the charm that was the vertex wobble and texture warping of early 3D.

The game uses our own custom developed lightmapper to accurately re-create how old games did lighting, while also building in modern features to really let the lighting shine.

Lovingly Handcrafted Tracks

Tropical beaches, dense cities, industrial power plants, precarious ice mountain relays, weather control stations, moon orbiting satilite arrays… it goes on.

BallisticNG boasts a wealthy amount of tracks, even before DLC and mods, in a variety of settings with a touch of sci-fi flare. Every track is hand crafted with love to make every race visually unique and memorable. Most tracks are also playable in reverse at alternative times of day!

Meaningful Ship Selection

Pick a ship that suits your playstyle with a selection of 18 ships from a variety of manufacturers, now also including a C.Y.G.O.N Tempest from GRIP Combat Racing!

Each team has their own handling feel with a focus in different racing technologies. Some focus on combat, some on agility, some on raw speed and some on being good all rounders.

Deadly Weapons

It wouldn’t be anti-gravity without weapons, and BallisticNG provides you with plenty to dish out damage and eliminate those who stand in your way of 1st place.

From mines to a devistating ball of plasma, there is an assortment of deadly offensive and useful defensive pickups to aid you in combat.


Campaign Mode

With a dedicated campaign mode featuring 122 events of ever increasing difficulty, BallisticNG’s campaign will keep you busy and on your toes with a variety of challenges.

The game also supports custom campaigns through XML files with full support for mods, allowing anybody to build their own challenges and AG racing campaigns!

Custom Races

Build your own races with the custom race mode. With access to every gamemode and every setting (plus more!) used in the campaign, you can setup all sorts of single race events or tournaments for the ultimate racing sandbox.


Play split screen with a friend or take the races online with up to 16 players over Direct IP / LAN or through a Steam lobby, with cross-platform support.

Online also supports custom tracks, ships and code mods so you’re not limited to playing only offical content.

Mods are not downloaded from hosts. Everybody will need to install the content you want to play beforehand. Ships you don’t have installed will be stood in for with the placeholder Null ship.

Built For Modding

BallisticNG has powerful modding tools to build new content and run custom c# code to add whatever you want.

From the in-game layout creator to the Unity based modding tools you are given all of the same tools that we use internally to build our content, including our external tools for Blender.

On top of the content and code modding, you can also create custom music playlists to listen to your own music collection in-game!

VR Support

Strap on a SteamVR compatible headset to experience BallisticNG as a real pilot would.

With customizable camera options you can tune the VR experience to be as comfortable or as unconfortable as you like.

The entire game is playable in VR, including online multiplayer!

Cockpit view also available outside of VR mode.

Powerful Photo Mode

Take breathtaking screenshots with the built in photo mode. Orbit around the ship or fly around the track without any llimits and apply a magnitude of effects such as motion blur, depth of field, color grading and much more to fine tune your screenshots without the need of external editing tools.

Once you’ve got the perfect shot you can export to it a PNG at a variety of resolutions, including resolutions your monitor might not display!

Photo mode was used to take alll of our promotional screenshots!

Massive Soundtrack

BallisticNG sports a massive and ever growing soundtrack with music made by ourselves and other cool dudes.

This also means the game’s soundtrack is completely safe for content creators. If you’re a let’s player or streamer don’t be afraid to leave the music on!

DRM Free

We here at Neognosis don’t believe in DRM or the idea that it’s a reasonable response to piracy.

No Steam DRM wrapper, no online checks, no anything. Once the game’s downloaded, that version of the game will be playable for as long as you have it.

We use Steamworks for online leaderboards and you’ll need to be signed into Steam if you want to compete on them.